Cosmetic Storage Rotatory

24.00 €
24.00 €

 Tired of having your cosmetics scattered and disorganized? Our rotating organizer has multiple compartments to store them all. Save time with its easy access and sleek design that complements any room. Made with high-quality materials, it's easy to assemble and will save you effort. Don't waste any more time searching for your favorite products! Add a decorative touch to your home and keep your products organized with our rotating cosmetic organizer. Make your life easier today!

  • Rotating 360ºcosmetic organizar
  • PS plastic
  • Foldable, with compartments, multi-layer storage
  • for bathroom, bedroom,
  • Rotating cosmetic organizer, lipstick, etc.
  • 4 colors :black, white, pink, transparent
  • size 23*23*30.5cm

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