Christmas Tablecloths

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39.00 €

Christmas is a very special time. It's time to get together as a family and celebrate the holidays sitting at the table. We present some of the Christmas tablecloths for this season. Ideal tablecloths for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve or Epiphany dinners.

Decorate your Christmas table with these stain-resistant tablecloths and enjoy a warm atmosphere in the company of those you love most.


High Quality Polyester fabric tablecloths. Stain and wrinkle resistant feature of tablecloths adds a classy touch to any plain tables and table covers by swathing them with this seamless beauty.

The stain-resistant tablecloth weight is 180gr, which neither get wet, stain or iron. Made of braided microfiber fabric that guarantees a quick and easy cleaning, to protect the table during meals without giving up dressing it elegantly. The microfiber used repels moisture and dirt particles.


     100% Polyester.
     Do not need iron, do not get wet and do not stain.
     Easy cleaning with a cloth and in a washing machine.

     Washing with water up to 30ºC by hand or by machine.
     Do not use dryer.
     Weight 180gr.


     1,00 cm x 1,50 cm
     1,30 cm x 1,50 cm
     2,00 cm x 1,50 cm
     2,40 cm x 1,50 cm
     3,00 cm x 1,50 cm
     3,50 cm x 1,50 cm
     1,60 cm Diameter Round

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