Brushes 13 Pieces with Clothe Bag

23.90 €
23.90 €

 Comfortable soft makeup brush set, with high-quality synthetic bristles, handle ideal for adapting to your hand and facilitating the application of makeup. Presented with a cloth bag, Due to their size they are ideal to carry in your bag and be able to apply makeup or touch up in any occasion, easy to clean and durable

  • 13 Brush for each specific application makeup
  • Aluminum tube
  • Plastic handle
  • Man-made fiber
  • Presented in colored cloth bag
  • Measures 25(L)*20(W)*3(H)

1.-Oblique powder powder brush: dip in the fixed makeup powder to evenly sweep the powder on the fase


2.-Foundation make-up brush: can be used with liquid foundation, BB cream, etc


3.-Sculpting brush: accentuate the shadow area of the cheeks, and modify the facial contour


4.-Powder blusher brush: Dip in powder blusher and shake it gently, then sweep powder blusher on both cheeks


5.-Highlight brush: dip in highlight powder or powder blusher to decorate the fase


6.-Concealer brush: used with concealer products to cover small facial defects


7.-Eye shadow brush: it is used for coloring the eyelids in a large area and darkening the background of eye shadow


8.-Smoky brush: eyelid decoration, superimposed with natural eye makeup on eyeliner


9.-Halo brush: used for halo transition of eye socket, and small area halo coloring  16+1.5(L)*0.8(W)

10.-Eyebrow brush: outline the eyebrow shape and fill the eyebrow color


11.-Detail brush: match with eye shadow powder to emphasize eye shadow details and enhance eye shadow contour


12.-Eyesocket brush: used to brighten the eye socket


13.-Lip brush: used to outline the lip line and apply lipstick


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