• Providers ... How to find a good one ?

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    One of the biggest challenges a shop has is to find out good suppliers. Many times, searching online you can find multiple sites or directories to find suppliers but the big question is if they are legit.

    Throughout my career I have seen many providers who only care about important customers and downplaying small businesses with less sales volume.

    Here I quote some of the tips that I find useful to give a good provider regardless of your current sales volume:

    1. Do not start working with the first provider you find.

    Try to search information about your provider before start working. Does it provide good service? It is serious and professional? Does it suits my way of working? Does it respond quickly to my questions or do I need to be waiting ?

    2. Find a provider with competitive prices, but do not obsess about it.

    Prices sometimes are a decisive factor for a shop, but what really is most important? Many times there are suppliers with very competitive prices but the service provided to their customers is a mess, causing frustration to the shop owner. You are the responsable of your customers, not your provider, so a bad service can make you lose customers. Sometimes it is better to pay a few cents more and ensure good service with a reliable supplier.

    3. Choose working with multiple providers at once

    Not all providers have the same products or sell the same, so, working with more than one will always allow you to compare and have several alternatives available.

    Conclusion: If you finally get a provider that is reliable and have competitive prices do not let it escape. You just found a treasure !!

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